The Tertangala

What you need to know:

  • While studying a Bachelor of Communications & Media Studies, I worked as a writer for the print and online teams at the University of Wollongong’s campus magazine The Tertangala

Writing for the Tertangala

As part of the Print media team with the guidance of Editors Bec Wiggins and Gemma Mollenhauer, I contributed to the following issues (click on each issue to view each article on Issuu)

Silver Linings Issue                                    Game Changers Issue

As part of the Online team I contributed regular content on Science and Technology, Online Culture, Gaming, Mental Health, Entrepreneurship and Human Rights under the guidance of Editors Georgia Holloway and Elodie Gooden. Follow the links below to view each article:

The Baobab, the Banana, the Bond Lair, and the Bee

Fassbender replaces Kutcher as new face of Apple

Instagram: An Economy of Images

Tesla’s New PowerWall Batteries Give World Hope

#UOWLostChildren Was A Success… Here’s Why

Connecting the last two-thirds of the world: Facebook vs. Google

Say Goodbye To Internet Explorer (If You Haven’t Already)

Metadata Retention and what it means for you

Three Chimneys in financial trouble

Body found in Wollongong Harbour yet to be identified


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