Cybercultures Final Project

What you need to know: 

  • Cybercultures was a particularly engaging subject in the final stages of my Bachelor of Communications & Media Studies degree.
  • I focused on gender identity and sexuality in the cybercultural context as I wanted to challenge my assumptions about human sociology and cultural behaviours, and learn about how digital communication mechanisms are transforming dialogues around sex, dating and companionship.


In Cybercultures, Subject Coordinator and Lecturer Christopher Moore discussed the texts, practices and impact of online communication from a national and international perspective. In tutorials, I learnt to critically evaluated texts and discussed concepts of:

  • Online communities and culture
  • Gender identity and sexuality
  • Authority in the online space
  • Interactivity and content aggregation
  • Emerging trends in online content
  • Practices of social media management and production
  • Issues of access and equity in the online environment
  • Privacy and surveillance

Following exercises in critical feedback in class, as well as blogging as part of the collective Cybercultures blog, I produced a final project which took the form of a Prezi presentation and research report. The presentation discussed concepts of the body and sexuality in the online environment.


How Does Cyberculture Reconceptualise Sex?


CYBERSEX: How does the online, virtual experience of ‘space’ transform our conceptualisation and experience of sex, sexuality and sexual interaction?


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