Kon Karapanagiotidis: Founder of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Victoria, Australia. Kon has got to be one of the most inspiring men I’ve ever come across. It was not until I listened to his TED talk (during which I was on the verge of tears) that I understood the full majesty of this man. He has experienced so many parts of what life has to offer in the diverse and multicultural country of Australia, witnessing racism, homelessness and hatred sit side by side with generosity, inspiration and hope. I have such admiration for anyone who can channel this mixture of feelings into something tangible and successful, and am truly amazed at his constant fire to help and invest in people, no matter where they come from.

EssieButton: Beauty/lifestyle blogger. Despite the fact that she has now achieved widespread acclaim within the beauty blogger community and has become such a true Londoner despite growing up in Canada (something which is an inspiration in itself considering the bustling maze that London is), it is her determination to keep her focus expanding and keep giving her viewers something new that I really like. Not only has Estee been actively engaging her audience in trying to keep her ideas expanding and her channel/blog growing, but she is also quite clearly collaborating with her partner Aslan in order to always be learning new and more effective techniques for photographing and filming herself and her subjects.

Nosego (Yis Goodwin): Illustrator/artist.  To me, his art is fearless and his process reveals so much inspiring attention to detail, understanding of the unavoidable influence of pop culture, and the importance of maintaining a childlike wonder within oneself. His back story shows that determination can get you anywhere, and his flexibility as an artist, from street to canvas, shows so much versatility. His art provokes nostalgia and new sensory experiences all at once.

Anna LubinskiGraphic artist, illustrator. So much flair and pure whimsy within her work. And so much dedication to refining her process. Her art not only brings me back to my childhood as it has a dynamic movement and colour palette so typical of Cartoon Network in the 1990s, but also seems an essential part of the ‘look’ that the blogosphere is going for at the moment.


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