Posts of Weeks Past- A Reflection

The process of convergence is changing the media landscape dramatically, and so with this change must come new ways of thinking. I believe that three past blog posts in particular show this; Web 2.0 (Week 5), Remix, Reuse, Recycle (Week 8), and I Believe In The People (Week 9).

In Web 2.0 I utilised the skills in blogging and analysis that I had acquired in the first four weeks of the course to write a reflection on the weekly materials. I was able to look back on the last two blog posts and begin to engage in reflection rather than summarising. Web 2.0 reflects on the core ideas of convergence, such as the ‘prosumer’ model and the importance of participation on the Internet, media monopoly and digitisation of law, and communal, collective intelligence.

Remix, Reuse, Recycle delves deeper into the idea of the ‘prosumer’ model, discussing the interaction of Internet culture with traditional media entities, and shows that I have progressed since Week 5. I have shown that convergence has been altering the way that we interact with entertainment media and its laws for many years now, and that there is a need for a change to media laws in line with the process of media and technology convergence.

In I Believe In The People I am able to provide a balanced view supported by sources, and more comprehensively explore each idea I propose more eloquently. My writing shows my grasp on the way convergence is challenging media institutions, and how technological convergence has made possible a change in the importance of civil media and traditional media.

I have found it a little difficult to fit the entirety of my ideas on course materials into weekly blog posts, and therefore that I lack depth on some complex concepts. However, these blog posts show that I am able to grasp the concepts overall.

(Update 09/05/12)


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