Hi I’m Gemma.
I am an university student studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications/Arts, at the University of Wollongong in Southern New South Wales, Australia.
I love many things; the fine arts, craft, history, baking and sugar art, reading books, playing and appreciating all forms of music, learning languages, politics, eating large quantities of chocolate and candy, and fashion.
Many a day do I dream of opening a stationary/baked goods shop when I am 50 years old, of living in France, even for just a few months, of collecting and making many forms of art, of mastering at least two languages, of finding a job that I look forward to travelling to every day, of being well-traveled, being able to learn and master new and old ways of crafting objects. But most of all, I want to be loved and to love others, and to make as many people as I can happy throughout my life.
As a young adult who has increasingly become aware of politics, world issues and other points of view than the one I’m accustomed to, I have become very interested in becoming an open, well informed individual who can appreciate all cultures and points of view. I hope that as my blog develops, that every passer-by can help me with this never-ending process by commenting and sharing their own experiences and posts.
This blog will be used as a publication for work I formulate for my BCMS/Arts degree assignments for the most part, so feel free to critique, encourage and share your thoughts on the stream of musings that I will be pouring into this forum over the next couple of years. I’ll also share photos and experiences that occur throughout my life.
Bienvenue tout le monde, et salut monsieurs-madames!

2 thoughts on “GEMMCRAFT, GEMMA, GEM

  1. Gabi says:

    I like your intro, and would just like to say I also think opening a stationary/baked goods shop, at whatever age, would be awesome, as well as living in France, learning at least two languages, and getting a job where you can travel all the time 🙂


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